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We have arrived at the moment of publishing scores for this year's edition of the Wood Furniture Scorecard! After an intensive four months of research, outreach, meetings, conversations, and tallying scores for 127 retail companies, we are presenting the scorecard and our findings. And the results are in--the industry is CHANGING FOR THE BETTER!

Over the last six years, the shift in awareness about consumers' and retailers' influence has grown. And it has proved to be an important process to talk with people in positions that can make effective changes in wood sourcing and purchasing. We wrote more about the process and the methodology of the scorecard in a previous blog. Read here. Now, we want to celebrate the 2023 Top and High Scorers. 

2023 High Score

Congratulations to 9 companies that earned the Top Scorer designation! 

Two SFC Members, Cisco Home, a sustainability stalwart with an FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate and fiVO Design, a newer veteran-owned company, using only 100% FSC-certified wood have TIED receiving the highest score this year! Both retailers scored a 35 out of a possible 39 points. Model No. Furniture, another SFC Member with an FSC CoC holder, came in a close second with a score of 34 points. Rounding out the three top scores is Crate & Barrel, with a score of 32. Here are all nine High Scorer companies: 

Stewart Junge, the owner of fiVO Design, a 2023 Top Scorer, on their holistic approach to sustainability shared: 

As the designer, manufacturer, and retailer we are in control of critical decisions such as solely using FSC-certified wood to prevent deforestation, designing for adaptability, utilizing formaldehyde-free finish to keep homes safe, manufacturing durable pieces for long useful lives, and incorporating recycled materials without foam fillers in our packaging. In true Bauhaus style, we have created works of sustainable, functional art."

2023 High Score

Congratulations to 27 companies that earned High Scorer status! 

The High Scorers, achieving 20-28 points, are led by FORMR, The Arrangement, and The RE Store. All three companies were awarded 28 points!

Kyle Johansen is the Executive Director, Merchandising and Marketing of HOM Furniture | Gabberts | DOCK86. HOM Furniture is a 2023 High Scorer. Kyle commented:

"Being a member of the SFC allows us to keep focused and be held accountable on the Wood Furniture Scorecard and on important green initiatives throughout our company verticals including product sourcing, real estate, operations, marketing and sales.” 

Boston Interiors - improved

Congratulations to Boston Interiors, earning the Most Improved award by increasing their score by 13 points in the last year!

Note that last year's Most Improved American Freight is now a Top Scorer. 

We want to acknowledge and congratulate ALL companies that were engaged with SFC on this topic. We have to admit not everyone responds to our request for information, but when they do, as mentioned before, companies realize they do have the power to make better decisions in wood sourcing that protect the forests. Education is key, and taking the first steps, however small, is encouraged. On the other hand, there are companies just built that way - with sustainability in mind. Their mission, values, and actions reflect their initiatives, goals, and reporting, and gladly use the scorecard and its methodology as tools to improve. When it comes to better wood sourcing, no matter the score of any one company, each can always strive to do better. We all can.

Closing with a quote from Linda Paton, General Sales and Marketing Manager, Sklar Furnishings, a 2023 High Scorer:  

"Sklar has always been committed to being a better steward of our planet by making better decisions with our vendor partnerships. Working on the scorecard renews our commitment and makes us better by asking the right questions to understand our vendor’s commitment to wood sourcing and sustainability. The Wood Furniture Scorecard has become extremely important to our staff. They are much more aware of the choices we are making from buying from the right partners to recycling within our four walls. The design team loves the narrative they have to be able to share our intentions with our clients." 

Link to the 2023 Scorecard page here.

Read the full 2023 scorecard press release here.

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