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What's It Made Of?

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Sustainable Furnishings Council, American Sustainable Business NetworkCenter for Environmental Health, and Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design partnered to create the "What's it made of?" (WIMO). This program empowers stakeholders in the home furnishings industry to ask what is in the materials used to make home furnishings, many of which contain harmful chemicals most commonly found in furnishings.

WIMO fosters transparency in supply chains to stimulate innovation to reduce harmful chemical inputs to manufacture furnishings. SFC works with its members to dig into their often-complex supply chains with the introduction of new tools and platforms.

As a leading nonprofit in sustainability, SFC continues to support progress, such as legislation for fewer rather than more chemicals like flame retardants. (See our statement on fire safety and flame retardants.)


Download "The Hazardous Handful - Five Chemicals to Avoid in Home Furnishings," an overview of these chemicals' uses and impacts. You may need help, including guidance, education, and resources to improve the products and materials you manufacture, specify and buy. Please get in touch with us today with your questions. SFC staff and partners stand ready to help.

We invite you to join us in this effort, starting with signing The Pledge to ASK, "What's it made of?" whenever you are shopping for furnishings products and materials:
As a business leader, I am concerned about the health of our world - my employees, customers, communities, and the global environment. I am committed to reducing the use of chemicals that harm human health and the environment. As a first step, I commit to asking my suppliers about the presence of the following chemicals of concern in the products that we produce, specify or purchase: flame retardant chemicalsfluorinated stain treatmentsantimicrobialsvinyl, and VOCs, including formaldehyde.

I pledge to ask, "What's It Made Of?"