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Powered by its members, SFC represents a coalition of sustainable businesses that lead in their commitment to reducing the home furnishings industry's negative environmental and health impact. Our membership includes home furnishings manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and designers.

Joining the SFC means becoming an integral part of a dynamic coalition of eco-conscious companies at the forefront of the home furnishings industry. Our members are dedicated leaders in mitigating the environmental and health effects associated with the home furnishings industry, driving positive change and sustainability.

Industry Recognition

SFC membership signals to customers, partners, and competitors that your business is dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the home furnishings sector. Membership can enhance your brand's reputation and set you apart in the marketplace.


Access to Resources

SFC provides its members with valuable resources, including educational materials, research, and best practices related to sustainable residential furnishings. This information can help members stay up-to-date with industry trends and advancements in sustainable design and production.


Networking Opportunities

Membership in the SFC connects you with a community of like-minded professionals in the home furnishings industry. This network can be valuable for sharing ideas, collaborating on sustainability initiatives, and exploring potential business partnerships. Bi-weekly WORKING GROUPS tackle sustainability topics with experts and peers.

Sustainability Education

The SFC offers educational programs and events to help members and their employees better understand sustainability issues and practices in the home furnishings sector. SFC's Webinar Series is open to all, but members are featured as panelists to help educate the industry at large.


Learning On Demand

Coming soon, SFC will launch its virtual Academy that will offer sustainability CEUs for all stakeholders in the home furnishings industry. Members receive discounts on courses.


Market Research

SFC members can gain access to market research and insights into consumer preferences and trends related to sustainable furnishings. This information can help businesses make informed decisions about their product offerings and marketing strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Being part of the SFC can help members stay informed about relevant environmental regulations and standards in the home furnishings industry. This can aid in compliance and risk management.


Advocacy and Influence

The SFC advocates for sustainable policies and practices in the home furnishings industry. As a member, you can contribute to these efforts and have a voice in shaping industry standards and regulations.


Consumer Demand

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, being associated with the SFC can attract environmentally conscious customers and boost sales of sustainable home furnishings.


SFC Member Commitment Pledge

All SFC Members commit to the Member Pledge.
Your Member Pledge acknowledgement will be posted on your Member Profile. We will also provide ways to post it to your own website.

We agree with the Sustainable Furnishings Council’s beliefs and goals, and commit to supporting the organization in affecting positive change. We understand the importance of the triple bottom line profit assessment of PEOPLE-PLANET-PROFITS representing a healthy balance between social equity, environmental concerns and local economies. 

We seek continual improvement in our products, practices and operations, and commit to the SFC’s Core Values as summarized: 

    1. We seek legally-logged wood from vendors who have a verifiable chain of custody
    2. We reduce unsustainable raw resources and known toxic substances throughout our business
    3. We recycle in our operations, purchase recycled content and create recyclable products
    4. We reduce and reuse packing/packaging materials and reduce transportation needs
    5. We learn about Life Cycle Analysis as the best measure of a product’s environmental impact
    6. We educate our customers on sustainability and supply them with meaningful certifications
    7. We partner with our employees in making choices for sustainability, including personal and company energy reductions, paying a Living Wage, and maintaining high safety standards
    8. We contribute to the economic and environmental health of our local and global communities