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Women in Sustainable Furnishings

Sustainability is what we’re all about. We also love lifting up the individuals and organizations in the furnishings industry who are doing things the right way! In the worldwide sustainability movement, many of the most influential movers and shakers are women.  

Climate-related disasters affect women disproportionately. According to the United Nations, women in developing countries are particularly at risk since they often rely so heavily on natural resources. In many areas around the world, women take on the daily responsibilities of finding clean water, tending to crops, and gathering food. In deforested areas, women’s jobs become virtually impossible.

Let’s highlight just a few of the women who are adopting eco-friendly mindsets, fighting against unsustainable practices, and serving as excellent role models for an up-and-coming generation of Earth’s advocates. 

red egg Founded in 1997 by current CEO Carol Gregg (pictured), this accent furniture and accessory company is known for the unique, sophisticated spin they put on classic Asian furniture. They sustainably source and manufacture their Indochine, Modern Maru, and Kaigan collections in the Phillippines, using bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource!  They also offer 3 exclusive collections of wood furniture made in the USA. Since joining the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they have moved their manufacturing from China to the USA, reducing their carbon footprint.

9/Ten design Lenora Demars of 9/Ten design is an Orange County (California) home stylist who specializes in creating a space that reflects the life and the story of each homeowner. Demars partners with sustainable suppliers and uses sustainable materials in her designs to make both the client and the Earth happy.

Anna Sova CEO Anna Walker has visited over 50 countries searching for the finest quality, environmentally responsible and fair-trade labor production facilities. As a company, Anna Sova is dedicated to producing only 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified textiles in cotton, linen, and silk. Their areas of expertise include organic cotton toweling, humanely-shorn alpaca products, healthy paints, essential oils, plant-based candles and body products, and certified sustainable wood products.

Clodagh With a focus on life-enhancing minimalism, Clodagh has a long history of transforming her client’s spaces into places of peace and serenity. She’s an industry pro with a heart for giving back to the world’s communities -- she and her company support organizations that foster education and well-being in the developing world.

Stickley Since 1900, the Stickley philosophy has been “living in harmony with nature.” They comply with strict federal, state, and local environmental regulations.  Located in Manlius, NY, Stickley is known for unbeatable construction, finish, and enduring value. Current CEO and Chairman of the Board, Aminy Audi, nurtures the pride, passion, and spirit that has spanned generations of Stickley employees and customers.   

These are just a few examples of the ways women contribute to the sustainability movement every day. We are proud to have many of these individuals and companies as SFC Members -- they value our Earth as much as we do. 

We hope you will shop companies that take sustainability seriously. As consumers, we can make a huge difference simply by demanding sustainable products. For more information, check out our Quick Buying Guide and stay up-to-date with our Member List.  Sustainability starts with you!


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