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SFC Members Are Talking EARTH DAY!

To highlight EARTH MONTH, we asked a few members to share their thoughts about what sustainability means to them and how they've incorporated their sustainability commitment into their company policies and values. 


“In order to preserve our most precious resources, and the resources that keep our industry alive, HTD has, from its inception, been rooted in sustainable furniture manufacturing practices. Not only are we a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, but also founded the Mango Foundation, an organization focused on reforestation in areas that are commonly harvested for furniture manufacturing. We are dedicated to leading from the front, ensuring all manufacturing process are both friendly to the environment and the workers. We use only fair trade labor and ensure all finishes are water based, to protect the health of our workforce and artisans. Keeping our ecosystem alive and healthy while still providing heirloom quality hardwood furniture is no easy task, but we are up to the challenge and strive to make tomorrow better than today one piece of furniture and one tree at a time."     

Hank Cravey - Home Trends & Design, CEO / Owner 


"Mobius Home, launched in 2010, was conceived focusing on sustainable practices of reduce, reuse and repurpose. We look for product that is manufactured with circularity in mind. The healthier every business and individual can make our world through eco-friendly work/life practices, the longer we’ll be around to enjoy it."     

Lynn Feinstein, Mobius Home, Founder, and Designer


"As we approach our 4th decade in business, our dedication to implementing sustainable practices continues to strengthen and grow.  Our entry into the Sustainable Furnishings Council affirms this commitment to the industry, our team, and our clients.  We will remain actively engaged in ecologically sensitive sourcing and eco-conscious practices across our entire supply chain.  Creating and delivering product in ways which minimize negative impact to the environment is an integral component of our brand DNA."   

Jen Dolan - Arteriors, Director of Sales


"Earth Day is a time to honor our planet and environment and to give back to it because it has given so much to us. Being more sustainable and practicing sustainability has to be a daily occurrence."     

Rico Ruffino - North Carolina State University, Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Biomaterials


"Every day should be Earth Day.  If you have an opportunity to make a positive difference then take it. It is a mindset. Waiting for someone else to do something is a wasted opportunity.  It is easy to become paralyzed by the constant dire news about the climate. Choosing Sustainable products and a Sustainable mindset starts with the individual. We all can make a difference when the efforts are made."     

Jack Matson - World Tree Technologies, Director of Lumber


"I view Earth Day through the lens of a concerned citizen of our only sustainable homeland. We must take on the struggle that compelled Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day’s founding force, to create a global movement in 1970, and make it our own every day and every year. One that is commensurate with the urgency we now face some 53 years later."     

David Mahood  - Olive Designs, LLC., Founder, Consultant 


"Since producing our first Irish wool carpet in Ireland, we have learned that the global fiber & textile market is ruled by fossil fuel-based synthetics and in drastic need of reform. Wool is the miracle fiber when it comes to creating sustainable and health-affirming interiors and we are glad to advocate for turning back the tide of needless wool waste."     

Claire McGovern - Rhyme Studio, Founder, Designer 



“Naturepedic supports Earth Day and stands with the Sustainable Furnishings Council to educate the industry and public on the benefits of sustainability and healthier consumer products. Naturepedic is always delighted to share sustainability information with designers, including identification of sustainable materials, understanding the various sustainable product certifications, and how to avoid greenwashing.”   

Barry A. Cik - Naturepedic, Founder and Technical Director


"Every day is Earth Day at Composad. Our furniture is made of 100% post-consumer wood, saving trees from ever being cut down.” 

Lene Simon - Composad, VP Sales Americas