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SFC Event at HPMKT Kicks Off New Research

The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) was pleased to host a luncheon during High Point Market for Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to announce a new research project.   Dr. Marilyn Black, director of UL, Inc. announced a project that will reveal what chemicals are used in making a given upholstered chair, which of those chemicals are present when the chair reaches the consumer, and how those potentially harmful chemicals enter our bodies, if they do.

Dr. Black was joined onstage by Dr. Debra D. Harris, CEO & President of RAD Consultants, a research and strategic planning firm working with healthcare systems, education organizations, government agencies, and product developers; and by Jillian Pritchard-Cooke, interior designer and founder of Wellness Within Your Walls (WWYW), a program that creates a legacy of Wellness, Harmony, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the home, schools and work place.

View entire press release here.