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One Good Guide Las Vegas Market Winter 2014

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SFC Presents Cradle To Cradle Thinking - What it is, What it can do for you

Jan 26, 1pm, C-0444 - Join us!

Join Lewis Perkins, Senior VP of Development and Textiles & Apparel of Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Lori Dennis of Lori Dennis Designs as they discuss the cutting edge principles of their work. Both are Sustainable Furnishings Council members and visionary in their ability to bring together diverse elements to support the creation of truly sustainable environments. Cradle to cradle thinking considers not just how it looks, but the entire life cycle of an environment or a product, from the extraction of the raw material, through processing, manufacturing, distribution, use, reuse and recycling. Also, what do you have at the end of the production? Something you can use to create anew or a toxin? Come and learn more about the principle and about how forward thinking businesses are applying this way of thinking to get ahead in their markets without compromising one once of beauty.