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The Circular Design Glossary has launched!

SFS has created the Circular Design Glossary in collaboration with mebl | Transforming Furniture and Soma_studiomilano. The glossary aims to demystify terms used in the circular economy related to design and furnishings. This glossary is unique as we've added company examples which embody each term and definition (without any level of sponsorship). SFC Member companies and others are featured. We think you'll appreciate these real-life solutions to today’s problematic linear ‘take-make-waste’ way of living.

There are 40 terms or "concepts" included in the glossary, concepts that are being used in Circularity circles - scientists, researchers, business leaders, designers of all products, buildings, and spaces - and now we are seeing and using these terms in the home furnishings industry. We hope this brings insight, inspiration and concrete applications for practitioners.   

Download your copy of the Circular Design Glossary here

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