Certifications for the Home Furnishings Industry: B-Corp

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SFC Presents 2024 Webinar Series: Certifications for the Home Furnishings Industry

B-Corp Certification

Thursday, March 14, 12:00-1:15pm

The SFC Presents: 2024 Webinar Series is focused on important certifications for the home furnishings industry. 

Certifications are more than just badges or logos on your website or product. They are a public declaration of your company’s values and a way to stand out from your competitors. They also help you attract and retain loyal customers who value transparency, trust, and quality.

But how do you choose the right certification for your business or products? And how do you apply for and maintain it without wasting time, money, and resources?

The first webinar in this series will focus on B-Corp Certification. Representatives from SFC member companies talk about why this certification is important for their company, the effort and process for achievement, and how this status represents their values and mission, and possibly affects their bottom line.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The benefits of B-Corp Certification and how it can increase a company's credibility, visibility, and customer loyalty.
  • How to know if B-Corp Certification matches your company type, product, and goals.
  • The best practices and tips for applying for and maintaining B-Corp certification. 
  • Strategies for promoting your B-Corp Certification. 


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Learn more about these businesses: Re-Up Reupholstery, Room & Board, Sabai

DATE:  Thursday, March 14

TIME:  12:00pm-1:15pm EST

Registration required. Free to attend.



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