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Waste Reduction & Recycling, Energy Use Reduction, Health & Environmental Safety, Awareness & Truth in Advertising, and Material Choices.
Questions to Ask, Answers to Look For:  Are you a consumer looking for green furniture? Check out our Quick Guide to Buying Green.


Sustainability Essentials Webinars

Six Classes 2017 Videos: June & July 2017:  This series of short videos explains the "Six Classes" of chemicals that are know to harm human health and the environment.  Developed by the Green Science Policy Institute, "each video summarizes where these classes of chemicals is used, associated health problmes, and how to reduce exposure. This knowledge will better equip large purchasers, manufacturers, retailers, designers, and consumers to take the steps needed to limit the use of these problematic chemicals." 


Exploring Sustainable Packaging(video) May 18, 2017: The Sustainable Packaging Coalition® (SPC) is an industry working group dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging. Through strong member support, an informed and science-based approach, supply chain collaborations and continuous outreach, SPC endeavors to build packaging systems that encourage economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials.  Discussion will cover choices in packaging, including impact and recyclability, as well as policy issues and innovative programs to reduce pollution from packaging.


#GetYourGREENOn  Interior Design Competition (video) April 20, 2017: SFC's 2nd annual #GetYourGreenOn Interior Design Competition will be judged on a range of aesthetic and sustainability criteria.  Winning entrants will not only use the products of SFC manufacturers in thier projects, but will also take The Pledge to ASK, "What's it made of?".   Watch this webinar to learn more about the significance of the criteria, get inspiration from the 2016 winners and details on how to enter.  Julie Smith Vincenti, expert editor and the creator of the competition will expound, explaining all you need to know, not only to win the competition, but also to grow your sustainable design practice.


The "What's it made of?" Initiative (video) March 16, 2017: Panelists from partner organizations describe the health risks associated with the handful of hazardous substances most often found in furnishings products: flame retardant chemicals, VOC's including formaldehyde, anti-microbials, fluorinated stain treatments, and PVC. Learn how to start a converstion wiht your suppliers, and how you can be assured that what you offer your customers is safe.  88% of furniture buying consumers are worried that our homes are making us sick.


The Responsible Down Standard (video) February 16, 2017: Anne Gillespie of SFC member, Textile Exchange, discusses The Responsible Down Standard, including background on the development of the standard, how to implement the standard in your supply chain and how to communicate the RDS with your customers.


Best of 2016 (video) December 15, 2016: A look at our favorite finds of the year -  furniture, lighting, textiles, accessories, etc.  Dr. Jane Nichols, Principal of Nichols INNteriors and Department Chair, Home Furnishings & Interior Design at High Point University, joins Susan Inglis, SFC Executive Director and Resident Expert, to share thoughts on the many environmentally safe new products that SFC members have introduced this year.

Lobbying for Pollution Prevention with ASBC - CO2 Reduction and Safer Chemicals (video) November 17, 2016: American Sustainable Business Council Co-Founder and VP for Policy, Richard Eidlin, will discuss the many ways in which climate change poses fundamental risks to a furniture business's success.  Learn from the experts what we need to be discussing with our legislatores now. 

A to Z of D-Toxing (video) October 20, 2016: Sophia Ruan Gushee shares a road map of a family's potential exposure to toxins, especially those that are avoidable. Learn the lay of the land in your home so you can formulate a game plan that suits your family's unique environment, lifestyle and budget. 

Cotton-the challenges and the solutions (video) August 18, 2016: Cotton is our favorite natural fiber, for our homes and for our clothes.  Learn from expert Liesl Truscott, who serves as European & Materials Strategy Director at Textile Exchange.  She will describe what impact our appetite for cotton is having on ecosystems and communities, AND how careful choices in cotton sourcing can help save the world. 

Polyester & Other Synthetic Textiles (video) July 21, 2016: Eco-friendly synthetics? Is it possible for a synthetic textile to be less environmentally intensive than a natural textile? Close to 60% of total global textile fabrication is polyester. What does this mean for the future? Tune in for insights from Textile Exchange's expert Jeff Wilson as he points out technologies that are reducing water consumption and other environmental impacts.  

Sustainable Furnishings 101 (video) June 16, 2016: Susan Inglis gives an overview of the environmental issues related to home furnishings, including the factual basis for climate change, problems with indoor air quality, toxic waste, and water conservation. Learn what questions to ask and what answers to look for in relation to products and materials we specify for our homes. Then also learn how making better choices will help you grow your business.

40 Products in 40 Minutes-A Look at the Best of HPMKT (video) April 21, 2016: SFC Education Committee members offer a curated look at the most eco-chic and healthy products they saw at High Point Market.  Jenna Pizzigatti, Principle of Pizzigati Designs, names her eco-chic favorites,  Jane Nichols, Principle of Nichols INNteriors and Department Chair, Home Furnishings & Interior Design at High Point University, offers a selection of picks for hospitality projects, and Nonnie Preuss, General Manager of Wellness Within Your Walls, points out the healthiest options.

How to Design a Healthy Home on a Tight Budget (video) March 17, 2016: Jillian Pritchard Cooke, SFC Board member and found of Wellness Within Your Walls, will share her expertise, discussing how simple it is to create a healthy home environment on a budget with resources that are readily available.

Supporting Lacey Act Compliance-3 Methods (video) February 18, 2016: Learn from the experts at SFC member DoubleHelix how to use DNA, isotopes and other scientific methods to support Lacey Act compliance for the wood used in your furniture products.

The State of Sustainability in the Home Furnishings Industry (video) January 21, 2016: In 2016 the SFC enters our second decade as an organization.  This webinar features SFC Board President Steve Freeman leading a discussion of the organization's major accoplishments of the last 10 years, with particular attention on the highlights of 2015.

Lesser Known Timber Species: Good for Business, Good for Forests (pdf) December 17, 2015: Learn from WWF expert, Amy Smith, how you can make a difference for the world’s forests through your wood species selections. 

Efficiency in Transportation-For Your Bottom Line and for the Planet's (video) September 17, 2015: The Carbon War Room's Mike Roeth and Victoria Stulgis share strategies for growing a business by reducing carbon footprint, focusing on savings in trucking and in shipping.

Developing and Implementing a Slam Dunk Strategy for Sourcing Sustainable Textile Materials (video) August 20, 2015: Learn from the experts at Textile Exchange, Jeff Wilson and LaRhea Pepper, all about how you can develop your own procurement policy to ensure that your choices serve a healthy future and grow your business effectively. 
How Well Can You Sleep on That Mattress? (video) June 18, 2015: Learn from SFC Exemplary member Naturepedic what it takes to build a mattress that is not only perfectly comfortable but also perfectly safe for your health and the planet's. Our panelist from BedFax and Control Union.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Energy Efficient Lighting (video) March 19, 2015: SFC DESIGNINGreen Leader Randall Whitehead continues to illuminate with a discussion of alternative light sources in kitchens and baths. Learn how to choose efficiency and create the ambiance you want in the healthiest possible manner.

Sustainable Essentials Webinar: Waste Reduction (video) February 19, 2015: Scott Mouw of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Environmental Assistance Division, shares information about exemplary and useful state programs, including the Recycling Markets Directory , the NC Waste Trader, and the state environmental stewardship program.

Sustainability Essentials Webinar: SFC 2015 (video) January 15, 2015: SFC leadership including Steve Freeman, Board President and Vendor Resource Manager at Room & Board and Susan Inglis, SFC Executive Director, give an overview of the organization's goals for the new year.

PIPs Rewards - Positive Impact for your Business and Beyond (video) December 18, 2014: Founder Wendy Gordon, who also founded the Green Guide, gives an overview of this powerful way of supporting the triple bottom line of your business.  Learn about the newest benefit of Sustainable Furnishings Council membership.

Responsible Down, Responsible Wool (video) November 20, 2014: Anne Gillespie, Integirty Officer at Textile Exchange, discusses their new Responsible Down Standard and Responsible Wool Standard, clarifying what they are and what they can do for your business.

Combating the Tight Box Syndrome. (video) September 18, 2014-Jillian Pritchard-Cooke owner of Wellness Within Your Walls will share with the audience how the Tight Box Syndrome contributes to unhealthy living environments. Learn how to identify, avoid and off gas harmful toxins responsibly.

How to Sell "Green" without Greenwashing. (video) August 21, 2014-Susan Inglis, Executive Director of SFC leads you through what environmental issues are addressed in good manufacturing and distribution, where consumer concerns are focused, and what your best strategies will be for getting the conversation started and closing the sale.

The Basics about Healthy Furnishings Inside and Outside. (video) July 17, 2014-An overview of the environmental issues related to home furnishings, including the factual basis for climate change, problems with indoor air quality, toxic waste, and water conservation. Featuring Susan Inglis, Executive Director of SFC.

Driving Change and Creating Value Through Wood Sourcing (video) June 19, 2014-Featuring Amy Smith, World Wildlife Fund, Bob Johnston, Executive Director, Tropical Forest Foundation, and Corey Brinkema, Chief Executive Officer, Forest Stewardship Council

Fire Saftety without Harmful Chemicals (video) April 17, 2014-Featuring Dr. Arlene Blum, biophysical chemist, visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Department of Chemistry and founder of the Green Science Policy Institute.

Navigate the "green garden" to position your products in the sustainable landscape. (video) March 20, 2014-Featuring Paul Bates and expert with UL Environment.

Learning about eco-friendly window covering choices (video) February 20, 2014-Featuring Bernadette Upton, LEED AP, ASID Fellow and owner of EcoDecor.

How to make informed choices on forest products! (video) January 16, 2014-Featuring Ruth Nogueron a researcher with WRI.

Lighting Trends for Kitchen & Baths (video) December 19, 2013-Featuring Randall Whitehead from Residential Lighting

EcoBasics on Windows (video) November 21, 2013-Featuring Susan Inglis from Sustainable Furnishings Council

Knowing Consumer attitudes Toward Green Home Furnishings (video) September 12, 2013-Featuring Bob George from Impact Consulting

Responsible Wood Sourcing in Vietnam (pdf) August 15, 2013- Featuring special guest Amy Smith and LeCong Uan from World Wildlife Fund.

Responsible Wood Sourcing in China (pdf) July 18, 2013- Featuring special guest Amy Smith and Zhonghao Jin from World Wildlife Fund. 

Recycling (Video) June 20, 2013- Featuring special guest Joe Stalnaker, VP for Business Development at Avangard Innovative. 

Gaining Marketplace Recognition for Healthier, more Sustainable Furnishings (Video) May 16, 2013- Featuring special guest Paul Bates from UL Environment.

Green Furnishings 101 (Video) April 18, 2013- Presented by SFC Executive Director Susan Inglis

Cradle to Cradle Thinking (Video) March 21, 2013- Featuring special guest Stacy Glass.

Sexing Up Energy Efficient Lighting (ppt) January 17, 2013- Featuring special guest Randall Whitehead.

Habitat for Humanity Restores (ppt) December 13, 2012- Featuring special guest Frank Reed.

Responsible Wood Sourcing (ppt) October 18, 2012- Featuring special guest Amy Smith of WWF-GFTN. Responsible Wood Sourcing (Video)

Environmental Impact of Textiles (ppt) September 20, 2012- Featuring special guest Patty Grossman.

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