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Join us at Dwell on Design this month!


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SFC members get special attention at Dwell on Design. If you are not a member, contact us to join and take advantage of this and many other benefits! Click here for more. 

Join us for these exciting events:

June 22 - "The Business of Design" stage 12:30 – 1:30 PM

A review of SFC's latest exclusive consumer research provides insight into the current thinking of consumers based on a national survey among those who have recently purchased home furnishings. Topics include preferred terminology, hot button issues, level of concerns, purchase interest, price sensitivity, and perceived obstacles. Learn why consumers do what they do, and what you need to know to be effective with your marketing and sales efforts. Learn how to use this info to initiate, advance and close your sale.

June 22 - The Sustainability stage 1pm – 2 pm

Join SFC DESIGNINGreen Leaders Angelo Surmelis and Lori Dennis, and Michela Abrams, President and Publisher of Dwell, as they share their philosophy and values, as well as the aesthetic and design principles they follow. Audience members will have an opportunity to ask these industry luminaries about successful business practices as well as participate in raising awareness about the importance of addressing sustainability issues in different segments in the home furnishings industry. Moderated by Susan Inglis, Executive Director, SFC

June 22 Concourse Meeting Room 150-C 2:30 – 3:30 pm 1ceu $25.00

Join us for Sustainability Essentials, designed to give a solid grounding in the environmental issues related to home furnishings, including the factual basis for climate change, problems with indoor air quality, toxic waste, and water conservation. Technical jargon is translated into easily understood examples all explicitly linked to the interior design industry as it relates to product selection. Get a sneak peek at GREENleaders, the industry’s first certified sustainability training course. And come for business-growing tips you can begin using immediately as well as answer any questions you may have about getting the most out of SFC membership. To register, click here.