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Avocado Green Mattress

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Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado is redefining what it means to be a sustainable, ethical brand. As a Certified B-Corp, their vision is as urgent as it is aspirational — a world united by sustainability and social responsibility. They practice radical transparency and a “farm-to-bedroom” approach; they co-own a latex farm, factory, and wool collective in India — from where they source and process raw materials. Mattresses are handcrafted in a GOTS certified factory in Los Angeles they also own.

Best Practice Achievements

Sustainable Materials
We make a conscious effort to manage our materials selection, seeking materials we are confident are sustainable, such as legally harvested forest products, responsibly produced plantation products, and recycled content:
Recycling and Reclamation
We factor disassembly, recyclability and product reclamation into buying decisions. We offer a product reclamation/product reuse policy:
Return and Reuse
We use recycled or recyclable packing/packaging materials, offer blanket-wrap transportation arrangements for customers and have a carton return/reuse policy:
Chain of Custody
We ask for verifiable chain of custody documents (i.e. legal logging certifications) before buying products containing wood:
Decrease use of Toxic Chemicals
We have decreased our use/acceptance of known toxic chemicals for treatments, binders and finishes, replacing compounds that compromise indoor air quality and are harmful to human health:
Low Environmental Impact Textiles
We are asking our vendors for textiles that have a lower environmental impact, i.e. organic cotton in place of conventionally-grown cotton, as well as seeking other eco-friendly textiles:
Life Cycle Analysis
We are moving forward on doing a Life Cycle Analysis and/or are applying for SMaRT certification:
Local Sourcing
We extract, manufacture and distribute for consumer use within a 500 mile radius for at least a portion of our product line:
Third Party Certifications
We hold third party certifications for some of our products, or as a store, we promote and educate the consumer on the meaning of various third party certifications:
Sharing the Wealth
We take responsibility for sharing our commitment to sustainability up and down our entire supply chain, rewarding our vendors with increased business for partnering with us on sustainability issues:
Social Responsibility Code
We have a written Social Responsibility Code of Contact that is a baseline for employee relations:
Supplier Responsibility
We have written and distributed a Supplier Responsibility Code of Conduct for our vendors and conduct training at our partner facilities on the adoption of same:
Health and Safety Code Compliance
We and our partners meet or exceed all local health and safety codes and can document our health and safety working conditions in all our facilities/stores:
We Pay Living Wages
We pay a living wage rather than minimum wage and extend that around the globe:
We Sponsor Sustainability Events
We have participated in or sponsored in-store, community and/or regional educational events on sustainability and the environment:
We Inspect
We investigate and mitigate any negative environmental impacts from our operations:
Save Paper and Other Office Resources
We save paper and other office resources with a policy expressing an aversion to excess written documentation:
We Use Energy Specialists
We have had an energy specialist or utility company audit to measure our conventional energy usage and are on track to reduce it. We are replacing a portion of the energy we consume with certified renewable energy, either directly, via a program of our local utility, or via Green e-Power:
Updated Inefficient Equipment
We have replaced outdated and inefficient equipment, identified and changed wasteful resource procedures and implemented tighter operational controls:
Energy Efficient Lighting
We have increased the use of day lighting and/or are upgrading to more energy efficient lighting system:
Verified Sustainability Claims
We make only verifiable sustainability claims in adherence with FTC mandates against greenwash and in support of their Environmental Marketing Guides:
Committed to Training
We are committed to conducting training in-house and in the broader community about global climate change and our partnership with the SFC:
In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On reducing energy consumption:

Carbon Negative Committed

In 2019, Avocado Green became the first mattress company to become Climate Neutral Certified, effectively making their business carbon neutral. In 2020, Avocado took it a step further by going carbon negative — offsetting more carbon emissions than the company generates. Avocado achieves that by reducing all of the energy use they can, then by offsetting all of their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. That's the full carbon footprint that their business activity generates, from resource extraction to finished product delivery. The offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions. For 2020, Avocado funded verified projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation through the purchase of 39,000 metric tons of carbon offsets. In 2021, Avocado will continue their carbon negative commitment by supporting projects through BEF while also lobbying for policies that address the dangers of climate change. Avocado will also continue to drive renewable energy projects. They work with Arcadia Power to pay a premium so they can channel their monthly energy usage to support local wind farms.

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On how we will manage our primary material or service to a more sustainable direction:

Maintain Rigorous FSC-Certification

In early 2021, after an extensive audit process, the Forest Steward Council — the global leader in responsible forest management — certified Avocado Green Brands as an FSC-certified company. By certifying Avocado, FSC has traced the path of Avocado products coming from forests and validated the exclusive use of FSC-certified companies through the supply chain. An FSC-certified company manages forests in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability. Avocado’s forest materials include GOTS organic certified latex for use in their mattresses and pillows and timber for use in their furniture line.

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On education and promotion of the sustainability cause:

To Continue to Educate and Lobby On Behalf of Climate Change Legislation

From its web site, to its magazine, social channels, commercials, and products, Avocado shares its sustainability mission on nearly everything it does. Avocado Magazine is an accessible resource for anyone wanting to learn about how to live in a more sustainable way. All of Avocado's product pages, and even the products themselves, share Avocado's commitment to environmental causes, from 1% to the Planet to Climate Neutral to GOTS and GOLS organic certifications. Avocado also promotes sustainability through its commercials and advertisements. Its annual impact report transparently addresses the Avocado's gains in social and environmental responsibility while acknowledging ways the company can improve. Through the We Are Still In pact and other lobbying efforts, Avocado is calling on state and federal policymakers to launch a mobilization on climate action and clean recovery.