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NEW Exemplary Membership - Vermont Woods Studios

We agree with the Sustainable Furniture Council's beliefs and goals listed above:
How do you ensure that you pay a living wage?
If you use a supplier code of conduct, please attach it.
What measures are you taking to verify that your suppliers provide a safe and healthy work environment?
What measures have you adopted to mitigate your impact on climate change?
Please share your calculation of your carbon footprint.
What measures are you taking to reduce your conventional energy consumption? What is your plan to make any further reductions?
What services do you offer to eliminate transportation-packaging waste? Examples include: blanket-wrap, carton return or recycling services.
What educational training are you conducting around irreversible dangerous climate change within your operation and in the broader community?
What questions do you ask your suppliers to understand their impact on irreversible climate change?
Do you use a tree-free approach to all necessary written documents processed at your facility? Please attach your company’s written policy.
What percentage of the product you sell is extracted, manufactured, and shipped for consumer use within a 500 mile radius? Please provide documentation.
If you have a product reclamation program or guidelines for recycling or reuse of your products, please describe them.
What materials that you consider environmentally friendly do you have in your line of products?
What measures are you taking to assure your wood or alternative wood fibers are coming from legally harvested forest source?
Have you contracted to have a LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, done on your products? If so, please attach the results.
Do you have established guidelines for product design that minimizes material waste, reuses components or contains recycled content, eliminates unsustainable virgin materials, and that allows for recyclability at the end of active product use?
Do you design for disassembly?
What 3rd party certifications do you have for your product lines?
Please attach your company’s public statement regarding your position on sustainability. How are you implementing this statement in your operations?
What has motivated your interest in sustainability? Please list your key inspirations.
We suggest that you contract an engineer or specialist to determine how to make your facility(s) more energy efficient. If you have done this, please estimate the percentage of total energy cost savings on an annual basis.