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Textile Upcycling at Interwoven, High Point NC

A Sustainability Essentials Initiative

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Textile Upcycling at Interwoven, High Point NC

November 13-16, 2022


SFC is so excited to sponsor the TEXTILE UPCYCLING INITIATIVE program at the Interwoven Textile show! Interwoven is International Textile Alliance's bi-annual textile market. Buyers from across the world come to shop for the latest fabrics for upholstery and furnishings. You can imagine what a beautiful show it is to walk and see all the latest colors, textures, materials, patterns, prints and more.

Typically the dumpsters are full of fabric samples at the end of the show.

We don't blame anyone, but that's been the only option because there was no other option*.

For 4 days in November, textile companies at Interwoven can put their discontinued (and other) fabric samples** in a bin for upcycling. At the end of the show, industry partners Material Return will pick up the samples and take back to their facility in Morganton, NC - and they will process the fabric down to "fiber level" - think fuzz or dust bunnies - and then out of this fuzz they can make yarn, thread, new fabrics, and new products (including apparel) with ALL UPCYCLED CONTENT. We think this is pretty cool! And we are so relieved to be doing our part for the environment at this show.

Look for this sticker at textile showrooms or booths to show they are participating

and upcycling samples instead of throwing them away!!

We hope the industry at large around the United States is starting to scale up this type of textile upcycling models like Material Return is doing in Western, North Carolina! We are so proud of them and we are happy to be sponsors of this initiative and collaborate with ITA! To learn more:

Material Return ITA SFC What is upcycling you ask? Download a Circular Design Glossary here!     

Email us at SFC:


* There are other options you can do at a local level: Donate fabric samples and usable scraps to local businesses, schools, theater programs, kids' programs, art resale stores, and more. A lot of SFC Members know to do this - and sometimes these places can not take all the samples! We have to scale up - and the Interwoven Upcycling Initiative is one way! Thank you for your efforts! 

** Fabrics have to be free of grommets, staples, chain rings, and other hardware, paper, etc. No fabric books. Only fabric can go into the machines for upcycling. Particpating companies are asked to cut the hardware off the samples before adding them to the special bins at the show.

After the show, we will learn how many LBS. of textile waste we are saving from the landfills.

Stay tuned, and again, thank you for your efforts!


November 13th, 2022 9:00 AM to November 16th, 2022 6:00 PM