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The Next Frontier: Circularity in Design

A Circular City Week event Hosted by Laurence Carr Inc, in partnership with Circular City Week, EarthX and The Sustainable Furnishings Council.


Circular economy practices are becoming more widely understood and have finally taken a foothold in the built environment and furnishings industry. But how do we accelerate this movement, what is the next frontier of circular progress, and what impact can it have?

Entrepreneur, Laurence Carr, founder and CEO of Laurence Carr Inc, Designing a More Circular Future ™, and platform partner of Circular City Week, will moderate a stellar expert panel with pioneers of the sustainability and circularity movement including:

Laurence and her guests will discuss key takeaways of EarthXTV’s original series, Chez Laurence, season two and address core issues pertaining to the future of circularity in the built environment, furnishings and design-related industries.

Laurence Carr Inc. has been a proud partner of Circular City Week New York since 2019.


May 3rd, 2022 from 12:00 PM to  1:00 PM