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Standard Membership Application

SFC Membership is open to all companies involved in any way in the home furnishings industry.  There are three kinds of membership:

  • Qualifying Member: Open to all companies with verified intent to improve their sustainability
  • Exemplary Member:  Companies can earn Exemplary Recognition at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels, based on specific levels of proven performance.
  • Contributing Partner: Open to companies interested in SFC's help in walking their sustainability path.

There is no difference in dues between membership types. The distinctions are based on merit and designed to distinguish the characteristics of qualifyfing member companies as well as truly exemplary performance.  We hope that the Best Practices Agreement portion of our application and the Exemplary Requirements will provide guidance for companies throughout the home furnishings industry.  We are pleased to identify significant milestones for continuous improvement.

To apply as a Contributing Partner, please sign the pledge, indicating that you align with SFC's values.

To apply as a Qualifying Member, please fill the form below, indicating which Best Practices apply to your operations.

To be recognized as an Exemplary Member, please fill the form below, indicating which Best Practices apply to your operations, and then email your fulfillment of the Exemplary Manufacturer Requirements or Exemplary Retailer Requirements to

Standard Membership
Organization Details
Standard Commitment Pledge and Best Practices Agreement

We agree with the Sustainable Furniture Council’s beliefs and goals, and commit to supporting the organization in affecting positive change. We understand the importance of the triple bottom line profit assessment of PEOPLE-PLANET-PROFITS representing a healthy balance between social equity, environmental concerns and local economies.

We seek continual improvement in our products, practices and operations, and commit to the SFC’s Core Values as summarized:

  • 1. We seek legally-logged wood from vendors who have a verifiable chain of custody
  • 2. We reduce unsustainable raw resources and known toxic substances in all phases of our business
  • 3. We recycle in our operations, purchase recycled content and create recyclable products
  • 4. We reduce and reuse packing/packaging materials and reduce transportation needs
  • 5. We recognize Life Cycle Analysis as the best measure of a product’s environmental impact
  • 6. We educate our customers on sustainability and supply them with meaningful certifications
  • 7. We partner with our employees in making choices for sustainability, including personal and company energy reductions, paying a Living Wage, and maintaining high safety standards
  • 8. We contribute to the economic and environmental health of our local and global communities

This confirms our commitment to advancing sustainable practices throughout the home furnishings industry.


PLANET (Environmental Impact)
PROFITS (Local Economy)