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Material Choices

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Sustainability Essentials Webinar - Pure Strategies: Sustainable Chemicals Management

SFC member Pure Strategies is leading the September 20th webinar to help companies better understand the opportunities in Sustainable Chemicals Management - from  business benefits with shifting to safer materials to human and environmental health gains. This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of the key chemicals of concern in the “What’s it made of?” initiative and how to address these materials with a strategic approach toward responsible chemicals management.

Sustainability Essentials Webinar - The State of Sustainability in Home Furnishings

This month hear from the SFC leadership with a discussion of the organization’s major accomplishments of 2017 and our plans for 2018.  Learn how to be involved as we carry our mission forward into the New Year.  SFC programs and partnerships will be elaborated, including the new "What's it made of?" Initiative.  We are clear that our work to sustain a healthy future is more important than ever and we are excited about the future of the organization.  Furniture consumers and industry players alike recognize that climate change is a real threat.  Demand for less polluting processes and produc

Sustainability Essentials Webinar - Sustainability in Furnishings Today

You may not have gone green yet, or you may have taken your first steps toward green.  In either case, this webinar will fill you in on what your next simple steps can be. Susan Inglis of SFC illuminates a path forward, providing tips for growing your business as you "green" it. You will also learn what we all must know about sustainable products in 2017 - what to look for from sustainable suppliers, materials, processes and your own business.

Sustainable Life Media

A working group to bring together commerce communities and innovation to reach the triple bottom line standard of living. Through collaboration, Sustainable Life Media draws together sustainability, brand, and design/innovation professionals to share success stories and emerging best practices and to push the envelope of social and environmental brand innovation.


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