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Health and Environmental Safety

Find links to promote human and EcoSystem Health - safer chemicals, better indoor air quality, etc.


The Business Case for Eliminating PFAS Chemicals from Consumer Products

Responsible manufacturers and retailers have adopted alternatives to PFAS, per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances used to greaseproof, stainproof or waterproof consumer products, including cookware, apparel, furniture, carpeting and food packaging. Threats to human health and the environment are major reasons why using alternatives to PFAS is important.

Basic Facts: Research on Chemical Exposure and Flammability Risks of Upholstered Furniture and Consumer Electronics

UL Chemical Safety and Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health, conducted a three-year study to develop scientific data on exposure risks of flame retardants and other chemicals, and fire safety hazards related to consumer use of upholstered furniture.

"Realistic Ways You Can Combat Climate Change, Today" 

Ranging from large to small, expensive to free, there are many decisions individuals can make that will reduce the impact of global warming. Scientist agree there is still time for change, but time is short and cutting carbon emissions is key to avoiding the harshest effects global warming could bring. George Washington University's guide, "Realistic Ways You Can Combat Climate Change, Today," provides some of the most effective ways you can help the planet.

Sustainability Essentials Webinar - Carbon Pricing: A market-based solution to climate change

Businesses know climate change presents a material risk to their bottom lines. That’s why companies across the country are taking action to mitigate its effects. A carbon price is the most efficient way to reduce emissions, while spurring innovation, creating jobs, and promoting fair competition in the energy market.

Join the American Sustainable Business Council for a presentation on The Business Case for Carbon Pricing to learn more about how a carbon price works and why it’s the most business friendly way to take action on climate.


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