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The Textile Market & Your Choices

Let’s talk about textiles. Everyone uses textiles, but not everyone recycles them. We live in an era of “fast-fashion”, where consumers buy the latest and greatest, sometimes at the expense of quality and sustainability. Throughout the past decade, textile waste has been skyrocketing, yet we’ve seen few changes in the way clothing gets repurposed. Why are landfills fuller than ever at a time when the potential for a significant recycling effort exists?

Calling all Sustainable Furnishings Council Members!

As an organization, we’re gearing up to release some NEW CONTENT regarding the latest and greatest in sustainability. Our job is two-fold: First, provide our members with the tools and the knowledge to make their furniture more eco-friendly. And second, help consumers find healthy furnishings. We are a coalition across the industry with the power to change how furniture is manufactured, designed, sold, and bought.

SFC Consumer Research

Eighth research installment shows tipping point in consumer awareness about environmental issues, especially indoor air quality and global warming, plus greater willingness to take action and choose eco-friendly home furnishings


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