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Sustainable Packaging

Many of us remember a time when few people shopped online. Clearly, times have changed.  Amazon is the 7th largest retailer in the world, with zero brick and mortar stores. Online shopping means fantastic things when it comes to convenience and cost, but the environment is an entirely different story. 

Recycled Materials Series: Wood

There haven’t been many “wood recycling” campaigns out there lately, but making it possible to reuse one of our most valuable resources is vitally important. Wood is a durable resource -- it lasts for a very long time. Literally tons of recyclable wood are disposed of improperly every year in the form of old furniture, stumps, limbs, clean timber, and dimensional lumber. 

The Depths of Deforestation

Forests are crucial, and we must prioritize them. They provide vital habitats for thousands of species, livelihood for people, and natural filtration for our air. Deforestation is the second leading cause of climate change, second only to the burning of fossil fuels. Cutting down our forests without considering or preparing for the repercussions only makes our earth less inhabitable.


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