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Business is Blooming for Cozy Pure

Virginian Pilot - 26Deec12 - Other than a bar called Greenies across the street and the Chesapeake Bay behind it, there wasn’t much “green” around First View Street in Ocean View before Cheryl Hahn set up shop.

Now, though, a wind turbine rises against the sky at her ­CozyPure store, and solar panels blanket the building’s front and roof.

Interior Designer Robin Wilson Focuses on Green Living

In an age where every industry is going green, Robin Wilson has become a nationally recognized eco-friendly and healthy space interior designer. While there are many dimensions to Wilson’s trailblazing career, many of her efforts have focused on allergy and asthma-related issues and indoor air quality. The Austin, Texas native got her start working on the Lower Colorado River Authority, immersing herself in the Central Texas environmental issues of energy efficiency and water conservation.

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