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The Guide to Green for HPMKT - October 2022

The October 2022 Guide to Green is here!

SFC is happy to share the Fall High Point Market guide that lists all SFC Members exhibiting at the market and shows you how to find them on the map. We are 300 members strong and about 1/2 of them will be open for business starting this week - officially opening on Saturday, Oct. 22. Download your digital copy here, and if you are in High Point, pick up a copy at info kiosks or inside the main buildings. 

The Circular Design Glossary has launched!

SFS has created the Circular Design Glossary in collaboration with mebl | Transforming Furniture and Soma_studiomilano. The glossary aims to demystify terms used in the circular economy related to design and furnishings. This glossary is unique as we've added company examples which embody each term and definition (without any level of sponsorship). SFC Member companies and others are featured. We think you'll appreciate these real-life solutions to today’s problematic linear ‘take-make-waste’ way of living.

2022 Wood Furniture Scorecard Webinar - October 20

Save The Date 
October 20th at 12 PM EDT

Join us for a special webinar as SFC and NWF proudly celebrate the companies that have earned Top and High Scores on the 2022 WOOD FURNITURE SCORECARD. See the SFC events page to register for this free panel discussion.





Sustainable Packaging

Many of us remember a time when few people shopped online. Clearly, times have changed.  Amazon is the 7th largest retailer in the world, with zero brick and mortar stores. Online shopping means fantastic things when it comes to convenience and cost, but the environment is an entirely different story. 


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