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Jennifer K. Harmon

A veteran in the interior textiles market with 30 years experience, Jennifer K. Harmon is the Director of Business Development, Specialty Interiors at Milliken & Company. Her passion for textiles can be traced back to her early career years in textile design and product development. As a seasoned, visionary business executive, she applies both creative & critical thinking skills and believes advancing both art and science is vital in the business environment.

Jennifer is recognized for her commitment to sustainability, and she values environmental stewardship, diversity and equality. At work in her current role, Jennifer serves as Sustainability Champion for Specialty Interiors and is a member of the Advisory Board of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as, a Sponsor-Mentor in Milliken’s Leadership Program.

Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University College of Textiles with a BS in Textile Technology with a Concentration in Design. After gaining leadership and industry experience she went on to complete her Master of Business Administration at Montreat College.

Jennifer is a known to be naturally curious with a sense of adventure. Outside of work, she enjoys sharing her love of travel with her great niece and nephews and hopes to inspire others with her optimism and appreciation of cultural diversity.