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Lee Industries

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Using the latest technological advances, LEE’s environmentally safe and eco-friendly upholstery includes naturaLEE with features such as soy-based cushions, recycled fiber filling for pillows, organic and natural fabrics, FSC and SFI certified wood frames. NaturaLEE provides the same quality, made-in-the-usa standards which Lee has built its reputation with innovative, "responsible" components.
Products and Services Offered: Living Room, Seating, Chairs, Benches

Standard Best Practices

We make a conscious effort to manage our materials selection, seeking materials we are confident are sustainable, such as legally harvested forest products, responsibly produced plantation products, and recycled content: YES
We factor disassembly, recyclability and product reclamation into buying decisions. We offer a product reclamation/product reuse policy: NO
We use recycled or recyclable packing/packaging materials, offer blanket-wrap transportation arrangements for customers and have a carton return/reuse policy: YES
We ask for verifiable chain of custody documents (i.e. legal logging certifications) before buying products containing wood: YES
We have decreased our use/acceptance of known toxic chemicals for treatments, binders and finishes, replacing compounds that compromise indoor air quality and are harmful to human health: YES
We are asking our vendors for textiles that have a lower environmental impact, i.e. organic cotton in place of conventionally-grown cotton, as well as seeking other eco-friendly textiles: YES
We are moving forward on doing a Life Cycle Analysis and/or are applying for SMaRT certification: YES
We extract, manufacture and distribute for consumer use within a 500 mile radius for at least a portion of our product line: YES
We hold third party certifications for some of our products, or as a store, we promote and educate the consumer on the meaning of various third party certifications: YES
We take responsibility for sharing our commitment to sustainability up and down our entire supply chain, rewarding our vendors with increased business for partnering with us on sustainability issues: YES
We have a written Social Responsibility Code of Contact that is a baseline for employee relations: YES
We have written and distributed a Supplier Responsibility Code of Conduct for our vendors and conduct training at our partner facilities on the adoption of same: YES
We and our partners meet or exceed all local health and safety codes and can document our health and safety working conditions in all our facilities/stores: YES
We pay a living wage rather than minimum wage and extend that around the globe: YES
We have participated in or sponsored in-store, community and/or regional educational events on sustainability and the environment: YES
We investigate and mitigate any negative environmental impacts from our operations: YES
We save paper and other office resources with a policy expressing an aversion to excess written documentation: YES
We have had an energy specialist or utility company audit to measure our conventional energy usage and are on track to reduce it. We are replacing a portion of the energy we consume with certified renewable energy, either directly, via a program of our local utility, or via Green e-Power: YES
We have replaced outdated and inefficient equipment, identified and changed wasteful resource procedures and implemented tighter operational controls: YES
We have increased the use of day lighting and/or are upgrading to more energy efficient lighting system: YES
We make only verifiable sustainability claims in adherence with FTC mandates against greenwash and in support of their Environmental Marketing Guides: YES
We are committed to conducting training in-house and in the broader community about global climate change and our partnership with the SFC: YES

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On reducing energy consumption:

2015: continuing to monitor and reduce energy use
2014: Completing an LCA to improve efficiency and optimal use of materials

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On how we will manage our primary material or service to a more sustainable direction:

2015: Having eliminated form that contains FR chemicals, we are now eliminating textiles that contain FR chemicals
2014: Completing an LCA to improve efficiency and optimal use of materials

In keeping with our commitment to continual improvement, we are planning to take the following actions this year: On education and promotion of the sustainability cause:

2015: continuing to support local economies with LEE Loves Local
2014: Working closely with SFC to support programming

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